BBQ season has officially started

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Finally! I got the notification from the USCIS for my interview for the green card. That’s the last step in the process and means no more paper work after July 1st! Also means we must stay in the city until then. But that’s ok.

Yesterday was super hot and humid, we spent the day helping our friend Anthony move and talked about how one of his roommates keep stealing everyones food. Like, if there’s a pizza in the fridge he’d actually eat the whole thing except for three slices. Who does that?! Pizza is important. We also got Anthony’s Nintendo Wii! Until now we’ve been playing my Swedish Wii with our American TV so it’s been in black and white all the time. Now we can actually see which shells are which, or the difference between the ground and the lava in Bowser’s Castle.

Later we went grilling with my Swedish friends at Lisa’s boyfriend Andrew’s place in Bushwick. They have this really cool back yard with a ping pong table, a grill and a fire pit. We got to do a little anger management by chopping up wood for the fire with an axe. Actually Ever’s office closed down last Thursday because of bad business which means he lost his job. So he wasn’t in a party party mood (he does have a backup plan though, starting Tuesday). And everyone else was hungover. So we just grilled some hot dogs, drank a little beer and met some new people. Most of the times I go with Ever when he sees his buddies, or I go see my own, so I’m just happy we could do something together. It’s also so easy to bring him along to see Swedish people when we’re here since everyone is so used to speaking English.

BBQ season has officially started