Sky blue and florals

IMG_5796 IMG_5793 IMG_5809 IMG_5826 IMG_5873 IMG_5905 IMG_5953 IMG_5994

More on the theme affordable fashion – this dress is actually from HM, from their dressier section a few years ago. The flower headband is American Eagle.

Yesterday we finally installed the AC, our apartment was like a sauna because of all the windows and skylights. Ever started making a shelf for under the TV and I worked a little bit. Access New York had asked me to look over the language and format of their videos to see what we can do better when we reload after summer.

Also apparently Ever got the chance to go upstate for the summer to work on renovating a house for our friend Mike in Poughkeepsie. Fun for him, less fun for me. Most of my friends have gone home to Sweden and I seem to be getting less and less work since my babysitting families go to their summer houses. I’m going to Sweden in July but until then I don’t really have much to do!

Sky blue and florals

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