Roadtrippin’ upstate NY

IMG_9494 IMG_9496

Finally! A weekend away from the city, drove up Thursday and snapped some cool pics on the way. They ended up so good that we did a whole photo shoot when we reached our destination! They’re in the editing stage though so I’ll post some later…

It’s our friends’ house that we’re staying in and we took the opportunity to grill some blue cheese and bacon burgers last night. Today it’s so effing hot so we just did some work for the friend (unloading a van of boxes that we brought with us), drove to the nearby town of Delhi (super cute tiny town!) and had lunch, and came back to the house to relax. I’m trying to get a tan but I have to go inside every 10 minutes to cool down my boiling head. Luxury problem for a Swede.

Roadtrippin’ upstate NY

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