Recap of the week!

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It’s been pretty busy here with work and such, but doesn’t matter, I need to remember to post more often! Last week I had tapas and sangría with Mikaela and her sister Sara at our favorite place Yuca in LES. They have an awesome deal on sangría pitchers during happy hour. Then we ended up at some bar where a bunch of firemen were celebrating something that apparently included ignoring the wedding rings on their fingers, and upstairs was a skate party. I didn’t stay long because I turned OLD and TIRED some time during the past year and needed my beauty sleep!

In the weekend we hung a mirror and Ever built a shelf with these beautiful antique brackets that we found on Amazon. It’s pretty remarkable that we’ve lived here without a mirror since we moved in November 1st – I’ve just been using our big computer screen as mirror which explains why my hair looked the way it did all winter.

On Sunday we biked to the bike flea market by IKEA Brooklyn with our friends Joe and Linda, and had some Colombian food from the food trucks by the park in Red Hook. Yesterday and today my shifts got cancelled so I had sushi lunch in Williamsburg with Rebecca – another nanny that I met through my former main family. Only difference is she’s here with a nanny organization for a whole year and gets paid like nothing, maybe because she’s super young, but we could both vent a little bit.

In the evening I was invited to a meeting with Access New York, a Swedish web TV channel. I ran into the founder at the Swedish Church a few months ago and since I’m a journalist I was invited to a collaboration. They’re a startup company doing short videos about what to do and see in New York. It was a really good meeting and I’m excited to see what happens next. Btw we had the meeting at one guy’s apartment right on 5th Av and 39th St, what an awesome rooftop view, phew!

Recap of the week!

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