Working out = deserving sweets

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It was so freezing and rainy yesterday and today, it’s really depressing. I feel like just laying in bed all day and I have this disheartening feeling that I will never find a real job. Now that I have my work permit there’s also pressure to actually find something in my field. No excuses! Today’s been fully booked with babysitting though and also collected all the documents I will need to bring to the green card interview.

Yesterday morning I went to the Consulate General of Sweden on the Upper East Side to get a certified copy of my passport. Which I need to get my personal tax number from the IRS – not that exciting but pretty necessary… Then I did a heavy full body workout at my gym (I go to the Bed-Stuy YMCA), I was only going for arm day but it was so empty in there so I stayed and did legs + abs as well. What I don’t understand is when people just sit at the machines checking their phones. I was seriously waiting for my two favorite machines (that I saved for last) for probably 15 minutes because the people on them were checking Facebook and resting. But – so very Swedish of me – I didn’t even say anything, so who am I to speak. I’m in such a bad sugar phase (more than normal that is) so I rewarded myself with some cupcakes afterwards. Healthy as a nut, as we say in Sweden!

Working out = deserving sweets

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