2015 IPPY Awards

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Last night after work we went to the 2015 Independent Publisher Book Awards Ceremony at the Providence on Upper West Side. Ever’s stepdad Steve works for a publishing company and invited us for some free food and drinks. It’s always nice to dress up and go to events but I didn’t really know anything about the awarded books. A lot of mingling and cheek kissing for the publishing people (I wish I’d write a book and get to do that!). Here’s a cultural difference from Sweden – they even had a little lady sitting in the dark in the bathroom handing out paper towels! I jumped high when I discovered her there and then I was really nervous. I mean, who likes having someone listening right outside the door when you’re peeing? She must have heard so much pee coming through on a night like that!

When it ended around 8:30 we went with Steve and some of his friends to the St Regis for drinks. OMG! It’s in all the movies and it was so beautiful and luxurious in there. I finally got to see it with my own eyes, but one cocktail was like $25 so I only had one…

Outfit for the night: Black 20’s dress from Rare London, white shoes from nelly.se, bag from Michael Kors.

2015 IPPY Awards

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